Effective Peer Supervision Learning CoHort

MT Embark Superv Collaboration Cohort

Embark/ PCA Colorado initiated a learning collaborative with 10 other Colorado organizations and Meaningful Trainings from NY intending to create a base of information to provide insight new peer supervisors as they develop their programs. As the Peer Workforce grows into existing healthcare organizations, it is no doubt a challenge to incorporate non-clinical strategies into existing clinical programs without some confusion and drift.

Furthermore, it is becoming more and more apparent that the services that peers provide are instrumental in attaining sustained recovery. These are outcomes that will cost our communities much less as time goes on. The warm-hand offs that peers can deliver may just be a game-changer for the treatment continuum.

We held the 1st training on Dec 3rd in Denver. 18 individuals participated. The days flew by. We parted and agreed to regather in the new year to engage the in the online collaborative portion. We reconvene next Monday for our 1st of 3 calls.

Our plan is to deliver another Peer Supervision workshop in September. Send us a note if you are interested in participating in the September workshop at info@pcacolorado.com




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