Training Scholarships Available


The Office of Behavioral Health has dedicated some funds specifically to increase the peer support workforce in Colorado. There is a stipend available for a short time to individuals that intend on taking Peer Coach trainings and provide support to others in their communities. This is a statewide opportunity and will be available only as long as funds last.

Attached please find a copy of the Stipend Request. PCA has filled in a form to include our Core Recovery Coach Training as well as the Credential Part 2 (consisting of 3 shorter trainings) which will provide the required amount of trainings to qualify for the State Peer and Family Support Credential.

In case you were curious what all the hoopla about recovery coaching lately is about, I thought I’d share a vid from one of our community partners – Springs Recovery Connection. They have compiled a pinpoint perfect explanation of the challenges and the benefits of recovery coaching.  Take a moment and check it out. Share it if you agree it’s a gem.


Peer Stipend - PCA courses

You can  download the actual form or find out what trainings PCA has scheduled at

You can find out more about the State Credential at




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