Telephone Recovery Support

TRS Biz Card

Peer Coach Academy Colorado has acquired a recovery support program initiated by CCAR in 2008 named Telephone Recovery Support- TRS. It is a simple strategy inviting volunteers on both sides of the initiative. Confidentiality and person-centered approaches are at the heart of TRS.

  1. Volunteers are recruited, screened, and briefly trained to provide supportive check-ins to people who are new to living in recovery. They inquire, encourage, support, discuss resources and options, and refer to services when appropriate. They will provide a 1 x weekly call for 12 weeks.
  2. Recoverees request TRS when they are newly entering recovery perhaps after leaving outpatient or residential treatment, or jail, or beginning their recovery journey without supports. They will receive a 1 x weekly call and can determine the best time and day of the week to be contacted. Recoverees can opt out at any time from the service or ask to extend if is having helpful effect.

PCA maintains privacy and uses first names only with volunteers and recoverees. PCA staff manages the personal information of both the volunteers and the recoverees. We maintain communication of personal information prior to calls utilizing  HIPAA-compliant online application  mTx (m Treatment) a locally sourced innovative electronic medical record app. We look forward to continued collaboration with this forward looking program.

PCA and TRS are dedicated to created an outreach arm that can be accessed by both rural and urban locations as well as connecting helpers with people who are asking for help. Give a little love- get a little love.


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