2018 PCA Training Catalog


When PCA began, I had already been exposed to a few peer mentoring trainings and implemented a couple within organizations. What I learned through those experiences was that a single week of training is barely enough information to create a competent peer coach. On the job experience, supervision, and ongoing shorter trainings actually reinforce and bolster the more vast information introduced during the initial training module. As managing director of PCA, I continue to hold firm that ongoing education and coaching by supervision increase the efficacy of any peer coach.

As often as possible, we confirm that we work with Connecticut Community of Addiction Recovery (CCAR), Meaningful Trainings, Springs Recovery Connection, Clean Slate Recovery, Recovery Community of Western Colorado, Poetry for Personal Power, 18th Judicial District Problem Solving Courts, CUCRC as well as other recovery oriented organizations. We offer evidence-based trainings that are IC&RC approved and our trainings are approved for the Colorado Peer and Family Support State Credential.

Here is a current list our trainings through PCA:

  1. CCAR Recovery Coach Academy                           – 32 hours-  $495
  2. CCAR Ethical Considerations                                 – 12 hours   $195
  3. CCAR Spirituality for Coaches                               – 12 hours   $195
  4. MAT/Medication Supported Recovery                –   6 hours    $125
  5. CCAR Recovery Basics for Parents                       –   6 hours    $125
  6. Youth Mental Health First Aid                              –   8 hours     $25

And the following trainings are in the pipeline for 2018

  1. Motivational Interviewing for Coaches Modules A,B,C                  – 6 hours each – $375
  2. Professionalism For Coaches in Organizations and Businesses   -12 hours $195
  3. CCAR Recovery Coach Academy Training of Trainer                     – 32 hours   $795

If you would like to learn more about our trainings or register for a training see us at www.pcacolorado.com



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