Recovery Music Fest Colorado

Peer Coach Academy Colorado is looking toward our 2nd Recovery Month Event in Colorado. We ran into a serious glitch in the planning due to the unexpected passing of Sheila Raye Charles who performed last year at Surrounded 2016. We were looking forward to having her back because her energy was so empowering and full of light. Sadly she passed on June 15 from breast cancer and many little orbits spun out of control including ours.

We finally regrouped and came to the decision to honor her gift she gave at last year’s event which was music. When she appeared on those Capitol steps the event shifted into overdrive engagement-wise and steered the day towards joy. So this year, we will use the gift of music that she shared to reach out again to the community in which we live.

Here’s a clip of Sheila from last year..

Along with celebrating recovery there are continuing issues in our community which we feel compelled to address such as the overdose epidemic, the lack of support for families entrenched with loved in substance use disorders and the lack of resources in rural areas in our state.

We cannot ignore the continuing obliteration of the younger generations (and aging) through the prescription drug and overdose epidemic that plagues our nation. As friends, neighbors, and community members we see it as our duty to talk about this overwhelming issue and put energy towards finding healing.

As an organization, we are learning that the people  in recovery with established time aren’t in need of socialization as they have mostly carved out their recovery support and their social support. But there are the newcomers to our communities both in and not in 12 step who don’t have established avenues sober social support.  These 2 distinctly separate audiences are whom we are hoping to connect.

As a person in long term recovery, I am very sure that I am happy in recovery and hope to be for the remainder of my days. But when I was new to all this, much of happiness remained a mystery. It was sometimes scary, sometimes overwhelming, and oftentimes mysterious. We hope Surrounded by Sound will offer all of our community the impetus to demonstrate to the newbies, each other, and the community at large that recovery really works. It’s an evidenced-based solution to a major problem among us.

If you have established recovery- please consider stopping by and being visible for newcomers to see that fun and recreation are part of the solution. If you are new to recovery come by early and spend the day. Volunteer if you are anxious and we will give you an extra purpose to be there.

Please consider donating, sponsoring, volunteering, or attending. It’s 4 hours on a Saturday morning in September and we need all of you to make it great!

Here is our line-up this far. Look for a couple of additions and a hella lotta fun!


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