Motivational Interviewing for Peer Coaches

2017-05-30 10.33.59

This image provided by Art Woodard-trainer and mentor extraordinaire of CCAR. He is well-known for using the 3-legged stool to demonstrate the characteristics of really good mentoring. The 3 legs holding up the stool are 1) Listening Actively 2) Managing Your Own Stuff 3) Asking Good Questions.  These skills are grounded and held together by Ongoing Supervision and Treating People as Resources.

Peer Coach Academy is very excited to be planning a 3 day workshop for peer coaches focusing on Motivational Interviewing which is the cornerstone for “asking good questions”.

PCA collaborates exclusively with CCAR and MT who reside on the Eastern Seaboard. MT will be coming to Denver in October (still planning) and delivering 3 (6 hour) days of skills building workshops.

They have three unique Motivational Interviewing skills development workshops for Recovery Coaches. The series is called Motivational Interviewing for Recovery Coaches/Certified Recovery Peer Advocates (A)(B)(C). Each is six hours long.

The workshops are developed specifically for peers with deep historical and foundation concepts provided. They each are split pretty evenly between presentation & facilitation of exercise, role & real play interactions. Each day is lively and we have had nothing but resounding responses so far; especially clinicians who attend. While they do nest wonderfully, it is not necessary to attend all three consecutively. (A) is historical and provides overarching skills development exercise. (B) focuses on Open-Ended questions and Affirmations. (C) concentrates on Reflection & Summary. The design would allow participants to attend as many or as few of the three workshops and they can attend the others workshop(s) in the future.

The price will be $125 per class with a discount of $75 if all three are purchased. PCA will be conducting these trainings again in 2018.

If you are interested in attending these workshops  this October please contact



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