MAT/Medically Supported Recovery for Recovery Coaches

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Our nation is inundated with news about the overdose epidemic upon us. Over 140 Americans are dying each and every day. PCA is trying to follow the lead of Advocates for Opioid Recovery which is a bi-partisan effort by Newt Gingrich, Patrick Kennedy, and Van Jones out of our capitol. They report that traditional treatment leads to relapse 85% of the time, creating a vicious rehab/addiction cycle.

Nobody wants to wake up in the morning looking to alienate their family and friends. Nobody chooses to be separated from their social circles. Nobody makes the conscious decision to put their careers in jeopardy. But that’s what addiction to opioids does. Addiction is a disease—and it’s one that I have lived with. I work every day on my recovery, and my hope is that my experience can be a beacon of hope for others seeking a life free from addiction.

This leads us to agree that treatment recommendations and recovery support principles need to grow towards the unmet needs of all of these fellow citizens. PCA and recovery advocates need to change to meet people where they are.

advocats for opioid recovery

This MAT/Medically Supported Recovery Training was written by Meaningful Trainings in response to our epidemic to provide insight and education for coaches to understand how medication interventions can save peoples lives. Recovery principles are expanding to bring recovery into the lives of people who here-to-for have been excluded from the concept of recovery.

PCA is facilitating the first 6 hour MAT/MSR training in Colorado on June 10th. You can register here:  Reduced pricing for groups of 4 or more are available.

Medicated Assisted Treatment (MAT) and Medically Supporter Recovery (MSR) can be important components of addiction treatment modalities and recovery pathways. This full day workshop offers recovery coaches and other peer professional designations the opportunity to understand and explore the concepts and realities of medication in support of addiction treatment and sustained recovery. Additionally this workshop provides recovery support professionals the opportunity to explore their own biases and perspectives toward this recovery pathway. This course has been approved for credit towards the Colorado Peer and Family Specialist Credential and the CCAR (Connecticut Community of Addiction Recovery) Recovery Coach Professional Designation. Attainment of both of these credentials are supported by the staff and alumni at Peer Coach Academy Colorado.

Learn more about the Colorado Peer Credential here

Learn more about the CCAR Professional Designation here


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