Colorado’s 64 counties…1 or 2 at a time.


PCA has had the incredible honor to support 2 Colorado Regional Recovery Centers this April as we continue to pursue our vision of creating a statewide network of recovery support in our communities.

Colorado Springs in El Paso County is the home for Springs Recovery Connection who held their 2nd PCA Recovery Coach Academy and graduated 9 certified recovery coaches on April 7. Sterling County in Logan County is the home for Clean Slate Recovery and they graduated 7 coaches through CCAR’s Ethical Considerations curriculum.

we are both proud and excited about our continued efforts to build this network and increase the number of recovery coaches and the capacity for recovery support. We believe this will directly affect the recovery outcomes in our homeland.

We are preparing for a visit to Grand Junction located in Mesa County during the final week in May. Here is a link to reserve a spot in that Western Slope training.

There are at least 2 more Core Recovery Coach trainings scheduled in Denver, El Paso, and Arapahoe Counties this year. There are 64 counties in Colorado. We encourage our neighbors to work with us to create more capacity for hope through recovery support in Colorado. Contact us to get involved, brainstorm, or schedule a training in your area.

Persons in recovery, Drug Courts, Probation Departments, and Emergency Departments welcome. Trainings are for persons in recovery and/or their families and friends.

All of Colorado is in the midst of an epidemic and we are dedicated to doing what we can to turn the tide. Recovery works if it is available and attainable. And we need all hands on deck and  everything we can get our hands on right now before these death rates grow higher.





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