Have the Conversation

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There are so many exciting changes bubbling up all over Colorado. But I’ll begin with a result of a lengthy conversation at the recent PCA board meeting. During the 2016 Surrounded by Recovery event we emphasized “a time to heal” and “a call to action”. That call was recognizing and confronting the overdose epidemic. We made some strides, but sadly it is not enough. Our neighbors continue to overdose and die in numbers that are staggering and overwhelming.

The addiction issue combined with our fear of mental health issues have cause a shut down in so many of us with regard to how to deal. In addition, the prescription drug/heroin/overdose epidemic has stifled our spirits from shore to shore. We are no exception nestled in these spectacular Rocky Mountains and we need to find a way to make this climb.

At the board meeting, we decided to hitch our star this year to a campaign that other behavioral health programs have adopted. “Have the Conversation” is our new campaign and we will use our energy to incorporate it into our events this year.

I chose this video from South Dakota’s Face It TOGETHER because it capsulizes the message so beautifully. People who are ill with addiction will seek out help more readily if it feels safer to do this. As a community we all will benefit if we become less numb and less fearful to provide support and a solution. Imagine a world where your boss and your co-workers want you to get the help you need and want you to succeed.

Look for more posts this year about this campaign. There are so many simple and remarkable ways we can do more to create an culture that makes it safe to “Have the Conversation” #havetheconvo



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