Matt Butler Announcements


“Very stoked to be premiering my new music video for ‘Good Friday’ this Friday (2/3) on my good friend Ryan Hampton’s FaceBook page. Ryan is an amazing storyteller and advocate and it’s an honor to be working together and have such a personal work up on his channel. I’m also so happy I was able to collaborate with longtime friend and fellow artist/seeker Robert Kolodny of House of Nod productions on the video, its about time my friend! Be on the lookout for the video, followup materials, and new show announcements!”…. from Matt Butler’s Facebook page (and we agree about Ryan Hampton’s storytelling and advocacy skills).

PCA has been a fan of Matt Butler’s music since last summer when his single “Just One” was selected to be a backdrop for the film “Generation Found”. He graciously allowed us to use his song at Surrounded by Recovery 2016. Since that time, we have been listening to his CD “Reckless Son” nonstop.

We have begun discussions with him to come to Colorado to perform in September for Recovery Month. He has agreed to do this and the obligatory contracts are being drawn up. We have become fans of Matt’s good nature and generosity in this process as well.

We believe that the rest of Colorado will fall in love with Matt Butler as we have. It’s looking to be an exciting year.











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