Recovery Coaches in the Judicial System


PCA Colorado, Agami Health Services, and 18th Judicial District Drug Court began a collaboration in October 2016. The first group of coaches graduated  the Core Training in November. We asked them a few questions about their experience and their goals. The video below are some excerpts.

Since that time we have spoken with mentors from Vet Court at 18th and are working to expand that collaboration. We continue to provide support and supervision for the Graduates.

The 18th Judicial District Veterans Treatment Court is looking for Veteran peer mentors, this requires a commitment of as little as one hour per week! A Veteran can be anyone who served in the military…It’s time to give back to our warriors! Please contact Todd at (918) 277-3427 or Amanda Myers 303-550-6403 for more information!

For more information:
veterans treatment courts are transforming the way veterans interact with the criminal justice system. The results have led to thousands of vets changing their lives for the better.

Congratulations Coaches and Good Luck!!!



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