Recovery Support in Logan County Colorado


A new agenda item for PCA in 2017 is to expand and connect with recovery support and peer support organizations throughout our state. This will hopefully be reflected in a larger presence at our Surrounded by Recovery peer networking events at the Colorado State Capitol. We had the extreme pleasure of spending some time with Springs Recovery Connection. The Executive Director Cathy Plush turned us on to Clean Slate Recovery In Sterling CO. Clean Slate is holding a shoe drive right now and hosting a Gofundme page too. They have recently moved locations from a complimentary space to a tenant-responsible storefront in central Sterling. PCA delivered over 200 pair of gently used shoes to them on the Friday after Thanksgiving.

Christie Orozco the Director of Clean Slate feels motivated and hopeful about the future of recovery support in Logan County. Their storefront location is well located and feels like a hug. It is home to family support groups, individual recovery coaching, and recovery support groups. Christie and her staff make an effort to participate in community events and provide insight and support to the townspeople they live and love with.

PCA wishes success and support to CSRG. We hope to support them as we move into the future. They have been invited to both Surrounded by Recovery events in May then September 2017. Following is a reprint of  an article from South Platte Sentinel. Stay tuned and give if you can. Here is the link to their go fund me page-

Christie Orozco started a program to help people in need. Now, the program is in need of the community’s support.

According to, more than 20 million Americans age 12 or older have an addiction, not considering tobacco.

The study says 100 people die every day from drug overdoses, a rate that has tripled in the past 20 years. More than 90 percent of those with an addiction began drinking, smoking or using illicit drugs before the age of 18.

Addiction is a condition situation that results in a lifelong struggle for some people. It is best overcome when among peers who understand the struggle, according to Christie Orozco, recovery coach with Clean Slate Recovery Center. Orozco credits the start of Clean Slate Recovery Center when Karen Torres started the Recovery Coalition. The Coalition was made up of the directors and supervisors of several departments to brainstorm how to respond to addiction issues in the Sterling community. She met Colleen Dowell who later opened Lighthouse Recovery.

Orozco was asked if she would lead the program. She has experience in long-term recovery and has done residential treatment for four years prior to the Recovery Coalition.

“Addiction affects all of your family,” Orozco said.

Clean Slate Recovery Center was started as a unique approach. It is not faith-based, or structured like an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting. The meetings are directed by the need of those in attendance with a lot of peer involvement.

She agreed to take on the leadership role and once she completed the training, took on management of the Clean Slate programs. Clean Slate later split from Recovery Coalition, moving operation to the Family Resource Center. The Family Resource Center provided the space for the programs. In the second year with the Family Resource Center, Clean Slate received funding from Logan County, the Department of Human Services and several fundraisers. In the third year, Clean Slate separated from the Family Resource Center for business and personal reasons.

Orozco moved Clean Slate to a new location just north of Family Resource Center. Orozco and her recovery coaches are assured of the program’s need by the number of people who attend the groups.

“We saw the need by how fast we grew,” she said.

She said they have helped about 300 people since the program opened. The highest number for a single group was 24.

“Recovery services can be court ordered by the judge, but the court can’t tell you where to go,” she said.

She funded the project herself with half of the proceeds from the sale of her home that she used to open a business account. She is now in the position of needing support for the program.

“It (funds) went a lot faster than a imagined,” she said.

She opened a gofundme account with hopes of garnering enough support to fund the program’s nonpofit status and a few months of operating expenses. The program has received one small donation outside of the gofundme program.

The Clean Slate Recovery programs are peer guided. Participants are recovering addicts and people with friends and family members in addiction.

“You’d be amazed what you learn from a shared experience,” she said.

Orozco focuses the groups on positive activities and social connections. Clean Slate schedules public service projects as a way to give back to the community.

“It is just nice to give back t the community,” she said.

To learn more about Clean Slate Recovery Center, call 526-6500 or 520-2939, or email at


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