Sophomore Year at Peer Coach Academy


Since founding PCA Colorado in 2015, i am receiving a pretty remarkable education. i flew to Connecticut in 2014 and then again in 2015 to take some trainings and to absorb some of the culture of the renowned recovery coaching organization – CCAR. I have been so energized about the benefits of the training which has fueled my drive to start the academy.

Our first training we collaborated with Colorado Mental Wellness Network. They are an organization with a great reputation training peer support specialists to work in the mental health field. Again it was a great experience and granted me insight which I maintain and draw from.

Our next training was a collaborative journey which felt a bit like playing chutes and ladders. I finished a really energizing training of a gallimaufry of coaches with a renewed fire in my belly to position PCA Colorado as a viable option for promoting recovery mentoring in my home state. i forged some relationships in that training that have provided wind beneath my wings.

Those forged partners became co-hosts in “Surrounded by Recovery” event during National Recovery Month. That event provided PCA visibility and the beginnings of a community oriented reputation. During the 3 months of planning we received our first grant intended to provided recovery coach training and supervision for an organization and may take place over 18 months. Both these activities that happened in September 2016 are shaping our sophomore year.

We begin the next training in 7 days. There are 10 trainees signed up and we are using our new training space at Agami Health Services. We have 4 scheduled continuing education sessions scheduled over the next 4 months. We have procured a 1 day “Recovery Basics” training geared for families and are chomping at the bit to roll that with a few organizations in the new year. We are working on a leadership initiative to infuse recovery coaching and mentoring into some less urban areas of Colorado. And we have plans to collaborate with the Colorado Coalition for the Homeless for a staples give-away over the holidays and another at the Capitol in May when the legislature is in session.

Pardon me if you hear me catching my breath. The race is tough but exhilarating. Damn blessed I can even run.


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