A big thank you



These images represent only a small percentage of the beautiful souls who shared their time, wisdom, experience, and talents to help make Surrounded by Recovery 2016 a success. Thank you to all the volunteers, speakers, vendors, sponsors, entertainers, providers. Without you, we never would have had the impact we  felt. Look for the video and some edits that capture the day in the near future. TNT Video is diligently and forensically reviewing and trimming. Thanks to Tim Ryerson for that.

SBR 17 looks forward to doing it again next year!
We define community recovery as a voluntary process through which a community uses the assertive resolution of alcohol- and other drug-related (AOD) problems as a vehicle for collective healing, community renewal, and enhanced intergenerational resilience. Community recovery is:

1) voluntary in the sense that it involves a breakthrough in community consciousness and sustained community commitment,

2) a process in that it must unfold and be sustained over a prolonged period of time, and

3) assertive in that the diminishment of AOD and related problems occurs as a result of concerted, collective and sustained action….William White 2010




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