Recovery is Right Now in Colorado Springs


I had the sincere pleasure of attending a recovery month event hosted by Springs Recovery Connection (and executive director Cathy Plush) and it completely kicked my recovery month mindset into high gear. It was well attended and well located. It was solution-focused. The speakers were insightful, experienced, and vividly human. I laughed and I cried. Literally, I cried. As Austin shared his memories of one of the first American mass shootings in a school, remembered that day and were I was, I realized that our (my) American culture had then changed forever, and I realized that trauma is not just my experience. And neither are survival and recovery. Then John Shinholser had my heart melting and tummy jiggling with joyful laughter. In one hour I was transported to the mindset of a new volunteer ready to dive into any project just for the experience.

I will be back in the Springs tomorrow for the Springs Recovery Rally showing support and breathing in the gift of lived experience. I am honored to be hanging with CeDAR and Allison Harden and hopefully bringing some positive intention to the party.

Thank You Springs Recovery Connection for giving me this sweet inspiration I didn’t know I needed! I owe ya one!!


Recovery is Happening!
Two-thirds of American households
are aected by addiction.

September 9, 2016
3:00 to 4:00 p.m.
Location: Tim Gill Center
315 E. Costilla Street
Light refreshments will be provided.

Two-thirds of American households are aected by addiction.
Join us to hear personal stories of recovery from addiction and how we can help eradicate this epidemic sweeping our nation! Help us make Colorado Springs a recovery-friendly city!

Dr. Joel Dickerman, CMO
Community Health Partnership

Austin Eubanks
Columbine Survivor – Prescription Drug Abuse Epidemic

John Shinholser
National Opioid Epidemic Speaker





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