New Colorado Peer and Family Support Credential debuts at Surrounded by Recovery 2016


A committee from COPA has been working with the newly adopted Peer & Family Support Credential  and recently informed PCA that they would be introducing and doing the initial marketing for this credential at our  Recovery Month Event. We are excited and honored that this will be the debut of the peer credential:


Combined Core Competencies for 

Peer Specialists / Recovery Coaches  

and Family Advocates/ 

Family System Navigators 

Education: HS/GED, 60 hours with 10 hours each in first 3 domains. During Grandfathering period, applicants may count hours from trainings taken up to the last 10 years prior to the application date with some trainings being in the last 5 years. Persons outside grand parenting period can only count training in the last 5 years.

Supervision: 50 hours, specific to domains, maximum of 25 hours of group supervision.

Experience: 500 hours volunteer or paid work experience specific to domain.

Must sign the Code of Ethics.”

IC&RC Domains

Domain 1- Advocacy (10 hrs)

Domain 2- Ethical Responsibility (16 hrs)

Domain 3- Mentoring & Education (10hrs)

Domain 4- Recovery & Wellness Support (10hrs)

*Additional Training Requirements (14hrs)


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