Peer Coach Academy Colorado – What We Do


Peer Coach Trainings and Events scheduled for Summer 2017 

We proudly offer peer-based trainings for not only individuals in recovery, but family members and organizations interested in being part of the solution. Colorado has developed an IC & RC Peer Specialist Credential. We have assembled Recovery Coach Trainings with the guidance and mentor-ship of Connecticut Community of Addiction Recovery (CCAR) who are IC & RC approved. PCA has engaged the heart and soul of Meaningful Trainings 


 Scheduled PCA Trainings and Events

  • August 3,4,10, 11… Recovery Coach Academy… Boulder w/ YMHFA Aug 25
  • Aug 17,18,24,25… Recovery Coach Academy for Healthcare Navigators… Denver
  • September 5-8…. Recovery Coach Academy Denver
  • An Invitation Only Training… Email if interested.
  • September 15,16… Reel Recovery Film Festival. SIE Film Center w/CeDAR
  • SIE


  • September 16….. Surrounded by Sound Recovery Music Fest West Steps Capito
  • Surrounded by Sound Recovery Music Fest
  • Featuring Matt Butler   Michael Hornbuckle    Stephen Ray Watts     Rubber Planet
  • Ronshi Dance Team and more..
  • Presenting Singer/Songwriter Matt Butler\
  • cover for sounds
  • October 3-6  CCAR RCA 32 hour training Colorado Springs
  • October 10-13 CCAR RCA 32 hour training Pueblo