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A) Embark on a Recovery Coach Professional Accreditation Package

Recovery Coaches and Peer Specialists have become an integral part of many effective recovery organization. PCA supports this professional evolution and suggest a 60 hour training menu that includes 32 hours CCAR Recovery Coach Academy, 16 hour Ethical Considerations, 12 hours Spirituality for Coaches. PCA provides the required education hours for at least 3 nationally recognized accreditations

Professional Accreditation Track 60 hours…$1250

PCA supports 3 professional accreditation programs for peer coaches:

1) CCAR Recovery Coach (RCP) Professional Designation- 60 hours, a verbal test, an ethics exam – complimentary application and $195 renewable every 2 years Recovery Coach Professional

2) Colorado Peer and Family Support Credential $295 https://app.certemy.com/entry/login

3) NAADAC – Minimum of 60 contact hours of peer recovery focused training to include education in documentation, community/family education, case management, Recovery-Oriented Systems of Care (ROSC). $250  www.naadac.org/NCPRSS  

B)  Peer Supervision and Continuing Education

Supervision for Peer Professionals +++

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What are the roles and duties of supervisors of Peer Professional  support providers?

•Develop written Professional Development Plans•Establish Work Routine•Orient volunteer to assigned clinical service and Company policies•Ensure appropriate use of medical record (CPRS) if allowed locally•Supervise in person for 1 hour•once a week during probationary period•at least once a month after probationary period•Ensure ongoing recovery training and education•Ensure competencies are met within 1st year (i.e., certification)•Work with HR on performance issues.


•To provide peer support staff and volunteers with a safe, confidential and supportive space to reflect critically on professional practice.•To enhance quality mental health services to Recoverees by improving mental health self-care, Professional-reflection, learning and competency development.

•Supervision is central to quality management in a learning organization.


•Peer Support Supervision occurs when a peer support supervisor and peer support specialist supervisee(s) formally meet to discuss and review the work and experience of the peer provider, with the aim of supporting the peer in their professional role.

Setting the stage for supervision: Topics for first few meetings•Discussing roles and expectations for supervision•Confidentiality•Frequency of contact•Essential qualities of peer supervisor and peer Supervisee•Normalizing process for conflict resolution.•Underscoring striving towards mutuality and recognition of power differentials and challenges in medical model systems.•Goal setting (both Peer Supervisor and Peer Supervisee do this)•Using agendas

C)  A La Cart Continuing Peer Education Options

These trainings are designed by our training partners to help peers develop stronger coaching skills. Pricing is listed as purchased > 30 days/ purchased < 30 days. You can pick your additional 30 hours for a Professional Accreditation.

PCA Colorado Provides Training & Supervision for Recovery Coaches and Peer Professionals

We proudly offer peer-based trainings for not only individuals in recovery, but family members and organizations interested in being connected to a solution. We train professional coaches as well as community volunteers.  Colorado has developed an IC & RC Peer Specialist Credential. We have assembled Recovery Coach Trainings with the guidance and collaboration of Connecticut Community of Addiction Recovery (CCAR) who are IC & RC approved. PCA has engaged the heart and soul of Meaningful Trainings www.meaningfultrainings.com .

You can learn more about our trainings at www.pcacolorado.com or at www.universe.com/pcacolorado